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Actually you can say the same thing about Biden and his voters.

This division made both sides absolutely ignore the flaws of their candidates and focus only on the flaws of their enemy. It's like "I dont care about winning, I only care about the other side losing".

You could say that. You could say anything you want, but that doesn't make it true. Give me an example of Biden doing something even remotely close to telling people that a virus wasn't a major threat when concrete evidence shows that he knew that to be a lie.

Whataboutism at its finest. Like, so many people act like Trump's transgressions aren't significant just because nobody's perfect. Biden might very well be a shitty person (he kind of is from what I can tell), but he's still leagues better than Trump in literally every way. Like, holy shit, there's a world of difference between 'kinda creepy, kind of a hypocrite, kind of unreliable' and 'actively lies every time he opens his mouth, blatantly brags about sexual assault, almost comical levels of arrogance and narcissism, and a list of scandals big enough to fuel a network crime drama for 30 years'. Neither candidate is perfect, but holy shit Trump is so much worse.

It's like stepping in a pile of dog shit while barefoot vs being thrown into a river of steaming hot raw sewage that's being churned around you. Both will make for a bad day, but the degree in which it's a bad day is on a whole other ballpark, representing another sport, that we haven't heard of before, on an alien planet. 

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