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Cobretti2 said:
Barozi said:

You can just plug the external SSD into your Series S and Series X while it's powered on. Just like a regular flash drive.

Yes you can, but reading the OP's words, says for old and current gen games only. Why not next gen games? I know the sdd is custom in these consoles, but surely they should offer these custom ones as USD support to be able to achieve next gen games? Be nice to be able to for once store your games easily without the need to reinstall and install each time.

but that's only true for HDDs and SSDs that aren't using the proprietary standard found in next gen consoles. I very much doubt those would fit into the slot, so you'd need to connect them via USB 3.1 (some sources say 3.2 but whatever).

With these official SSDs, you can - of course - play next gen games from an external drive.

Therefore I don't understand why you'd need to reinstall or move stuff constantly. everything non Series S|X can stay on external HDDs or external SSD (non-proprietary) if you prefer.

Next gen games will either go straight to the internal SSD or the proprietary external SSD.

Last edited by Barozi - on 15 September 2020