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1. Galaxy - Pure gaming bliss. One of my all time favorites. Everything about it is so fantastic. I don't even know how to properly describe it. The way everything comes together is just amazing.

2. 64 - A classic. Unbelievably great game design at a time when gaming was just moving into 3D. I should properly replay this at some point. Something about the DS version did not work for me. Didn't control as well if I remember right. I would not be surprised if this moved down the list once I got to the more modern Mario games.

3. Sunshine - My favorite parts of the game were those without FLUDD. Mario controlled like a dream in those parts. With FLUDD, it was ok. Just not what I was looking for in a Mario platformer.

4. 3D Land - A good game. Something about it just doesn't do it for me, compared to the rest of these games. I think part of it is the weird way momentum/running works in this game. The setting is really strange too. So many levels are just a bunch of floating platforms in the middle of nowhere. That's just... lame. I need more creativity than that.

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