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Fight-the-Streets said:
The other question we have to ask ourselves? Do we want high quality games that come at a cost (only few releases) or a fair quantity amount of games that come at a cost (only mediocre to good games)?

The problem with this choice is we need to understand Nintendo is not only a game developer, but they are a platform supplier and they are by far the one with most responsibility of having a constant supply of their own games 

I'm more empathetic with Sony releasing less games because their console got a shit ton of high quality AAA third party exclusives every year

Opposed to 3DS and DS, Switch didn't managed to get any 3rd party blockbuster release yet. I think Monster Hunter Switch will be the first if it's really a thing

All their 3rd party blockbusters (Overwatch, The Witcher, Dragon Quest) are old ports and many people already played them on PS4, PC or whatever 


I'm really satisfied with current 3rd party support of Switch, but that's mostly because I really do enjoy indies and don't mind to play 7th gen ports because I missed most of them. Plus I bought my Switch late 2019, so Switch backlog is already wonderful 

However for people who kept in touch with releases most of time and are waiting only for new high profile stuff it has been a very painful year, the weakest for Switch so far and those people deserves their space to complain without having some Nintendo fans harassing them all the time