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BlackBeauty said:
vivster said:
Nintendo is getting what it's paying for, there is no partnership beyond that. Nothing is gonna change for Nintendo at all.


Anyways, Nintendo snag a deal with Tegra X1 on the OG switch because everyone turned their nose on Nvidia. Mobile and console no one was using Nvidia chips.

Fast forward 3 years.....

The switch is a ginormous success boosting Tegra business into profits. Keep in mind Nvidia was LOOSING money R&D/making Tegra chips.

I’m expecting fully customized top of the line chip CPU + GPU combo for Nintendo. The switch will be the mainstream device for nvidia to show their latest and greatest more so than their flop shield tablets. Unless they decide to backstab Nintendo which I doubt would happen since Nintendo pretty much saved the Tegra line.

Nintendo truly hit the jack pot. First, DLSS and now this lord.

Rose tinted glasses much? Nvidia is a chipmaker and Nintendo is one of its many many customers, not the other way around, so I don't know what you mean with "backstabbing".

The automotive market is the driver for Tegra, not consoles. It's a much bigger emerging market than gaming and it's so much more important to them than consoles. They may currently generate a good bit of revenue for Nvidia, but that will change within the next 5 years. Nintendo "saving" Tegra is the biggest joke I heard today. That's about as ridiculous as saying "Sony and Microsoft saved AMD".

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