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LivncA_Dis3 said:
if halo was released on launch that would've been a gamebreaking launch for xbox,
now there is no reason to buy xbox day one

Seems like MS decided to put all their eggs in the Halo basket and hope for the best. If things worked out, it would've made for quite a strong launch for them, possibly gaining early momentum and keeping them in the next gen race. Instead, while it's not like they're completely screwed, they're going to be in a much weaker position at launch.

If this was the plan, they were taking quite a risk but they kinda had to. It's what they needed to go up against a PS5 launch and they're going to come up short. Luckily they have XBSS which will help, because without that, they would have needed a $399 XBSX to stand a chance against PS5.