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eva01beserk said:
Dont think this anouncement changed much to be honest. Still got to remember that the x1 will still play all the games at least through 2021, so theres still no urgency to upgrade. Some games will require a ps5 day one. If sony still goes disc $500 and digital $400, they still will win by large margins.
Some are saying now that they want to undercut MS and go $450 and $400. But I really dont think they need to. Would be overkill if they did.
0D0 said:
Xxain said:
PS5 will be 499. Get it out of your head that it will be lower. Sony needs to take no precautionary steps.

You're probably right.

I reckon Sony needs to be cautious about PS5DE price tag tho. Casual consumers will be tempted to compare PS5DE and S without bearing in mind their tech differences.

Zkuq said:
Xxain said:
PS5 will be 499. Get it out of your head that it will be lower. Sony needs to take no precautionary steps.

I can't imagine there being very many people predicting otherwise for the model with a disc drive, so not sure who you're aiming this at. The discless one on the other hand will be cheaper - the only question is by how much. At this point, anything over 399 is just going to kill the discless version, but bringing it down to 299 or even 349 sounds like a big sacrifice of profits (at least in the short term - in the long term, increased sales of digital games might make up for it).

PS5 vs XBSX shouldn't be much of a concern. The hardcore (and internet bandwidth deprived) will be the ones going for the disc model for the most part. The hardcore understand more so how all of the consoles specs matter and what the software does with those specs matters a lot. 

PS5 matching XBSX at $499 is totally fine. Anything less is a bonus.

PS5 DE is the real concern because of XBSS. SNY cannot allow anymore than a $100 price gap. If they were thinking about a $50 sub for both units, they might want to leave PS5 at $499, and use a $100 sub to get PS5 DE down to $399 or lower. If SNY went ahead and made it $150 sub for PS5 DE, then it's basically game over, even with PS5 at $499.

The only concern there would be anyone knowledgeable enough to complain about why PS5 DE is $349 while PS5 is $499, even though the only difference is a $30-$50 4k BD drive. XB can get away with it because of the overall lesser hardware specs. SNY may not be able to create the same type of price gap without receiving backlash.

I'd say based on all this, you end up with a $499 PS5 and $399 PS5 DE. It's going to give XBSS some sales it otherwise wouldn't early on, but by holiday 2021, all SNY has to do is bundle some killer exclusives with PS5 DE to make up for the higher price vs XBSS.