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Slownenberg said:
I'm not sure why some people are talking about a Switch 2. This is a new model of the Switch, what we have all been expecting.
And it isn't 4k native that is being reported. It's DLSS 2.0 upscaling to 4k without much performance hit.

Personally I have zero interest in 4k so I'm much more interested in what other upgrades this premium Switch model will have. Give me a larger screen, a lot more disk space, increased performance for higher res and framerate for games that are low on those things, more battery life, and bluetooth and I'd consider eventually getting this for $300.

Will be interesting if they announce price cuts for the current models alongside the launch of the new model, or if it's gonna be like $350. To me it seems like they shouldn't go above the $300 price tag, cuz I mean four years in to a system's life cycle you should be bringing out models that actually cost more than it did at launch(!), and should drop at least the original model to $250 to make room for the premium model at $300. The Lite is so low already they might not even need to drop it when this new model launches.

I'm a big fan of price shifting.

Move Switch 1 and Lite down, and have Switch 2 at the original Switch's price or slightly higher - as people understand inflation - so if the original Switch is 300 USD, make Switch-2 319 USD. Put the original Switch down to 279 USD, and Switch Lite to 229 USD. That way, they've dropped enough to spark interest, but also not so much that there's no room for future price drops on the older economy models. Also, I like the Idea of Switch 2 TV for 239.

I like the Switch 2/4K NOT because of the visual upgrade, but because the whole notion of "4K" to people represents the idea of a whole new crop of games that wouldn't be on the first-gen. Now that Switch is an established platform, what will advance the next generation forward is the quality of the gaming software. The dream that "4K" puts in the head of consumers represents Switch 1 but with even more and better games, rather than simply the next versions of the same stuff we already have. It's kind of like the dream of the "Ultra 64" when we imagined it would have more and better games... although the reality was anything but. But many people were ULTRA hyped for it, before they understood the reality of it... it's funny now, but this wasn't a rare scene:

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