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Supermario28 said:
Do anyone know how many copies of Hyrule Warriors were sold on Wii U and on Switch? Just to get an idea for this game.
It doesn't look like it could push HW sales during the holiday quarter IMO

We know that Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U sold just above 1 Million units. There are no official numbers on how much it sold on the Switch, however all Koei Techmo said was that the Switch version sold "above expectations" so they were probably happy with the sales on Switch. However, I would assume Hyrule warriors on the Switch barely got to 1 million sold and maybe less since nothing official was said.

While those sales may be laughably low for Nintendo standards, it's important to keep in mind that Hyrule Warriors was on the dead Wii U and essentially a low-effort Dynasty Warriors game with a Link skin on it, to many it didn't feel like a Zelda game. However, it was still able to sell more than 1 Million on a 13M Wii U. I'm sure this game has the potential to sell so much more since it seems like this game from the ground up was meant to be a prequel to BOTW twisted with Dynasty Warriors, it looks like Zelda BOTW, it has stories and characters from BOTW. I'm sure many BOTW fans will go crazy over this knowing it's made as a prequel, even if it isn't a true Zelda game.