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KratosLives said:
DonFerrari said:

I didn't need to do it, I think I have played TLOU like 1 year ago or something like that. And when playing TLOU2 I had no doubt it was superior in every single way and that the only point of contention was what story one would preffer, and even if simpler and less extense I prefer the story and game of TLOU1. But also prefer any UC to TLOU.

I can't work out how the first has a better story. At what point does the story feel better than the sequel? I found the game was limited in terms of actual great performances that drove the game somewhere. It was pretty basic with only a few genuine moments between ellie and joel, or should i say ellie, since she pretty much started or drove the conversations. The ending was far from satisfying. Ellie and joel put on more convincing acting and peformances in the sequel, felt like an actual hollywood movie in terms of production and direction. Abby's performances also rivalled that of joel in the first. 

I had played the first one this year.

I might replay it many times in the future. A true classic.


To those who say the second one is superior in every single thing, one has to remember that part 2 is a PS4 game and the first was a PS3 game. Given the technology the first one was the best game ever made. We need to compare both with some context.

Remove the technology you get the story. If story stinks, you shoot the game.

BraLoD said:
Jaicee said:

The real takeaway for me was that the game had an average MC score of 96% (i.e. higher than the original) when it was at the same number of critic reviews the original game got (98). That the MC score has dropped to 93% is owed to the fact that the game has now been reviewed by 120 critics instead of 98 like the original game.

Games always receive harsher scores latter one when they are this high.

TLoU2 hate campaign certainly influenced some critics too that felt it should be better to take some points from it.

Well as I said I was fully expecting it, when people were expecting it to move to 97 here I told it was way easier for it to drop to 94 than to go up. And it finished were I expected.

It was clear it would not please everybody as it was a daring game, and I'm glad for it, their courage was paid off IMO, we got an one of a kind game because of it.

Hate didn't influenced my dislike of the game, so I give the benefit of the doubt to both the reviewers who gave 100 and the ones who gave 70. I think it's fair.

God bless You.

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