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The_Yoda said:
I didn't have audio on the video, is it suggested to run the battery all the way down? I didn't know brakleen was non-conductive... I use it at work (red can) to take up paint .... I know there is a non chlorinated version that comes in a green can and isn't as strong. Was this specifically electronics cleaner by Brakleen? I just find it hard to believe it is brake cleaner by Breakleen as that stuff is really strong, like melt the plastic strong.

I use an electronics cleaner, not brakleen but something else - whatever brand was at walmart. The first time I used it i let the battery run all the way down just to be safe, but when I did it again and when I did it twice on my brother's controller I didn't bother with that. If you're careful its not hard to avoid hitting any buttons while spraying it. Then I let it dry for a couple hours before I touch it again.

You might have to do it a second time, as I experienced with both controllers I cleaned, before the drift is completely gone. This solution works well and keeps drift away for a good while - it's been a few months since I did it twice on my controller and I have yet to have drift problems again.