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@cycycychris: I guess they change the sticks if there's enough wear. I had mine fixed a year earlier, and all they did was to clean them, If I recall. Now that I think of it, can't be sure about it.

The sad part is, that apparently there's no fix at all, even If they change the sticks.

@The_Yoda: No, The battery was full. Brakleen isn't conductive, so there's no need for running battery dry, atleast not conductive on a voltage Switch controllers use. Technically electronics cleaner would be better, as it's designed for the job.
It was brake cleaner from auto repair shop - the one that gets your hands white after a few seconds. It does not melt plastic, unlike nail polish remover would do.

@COKTOE: Of course there's residue. It's actually better to have some, as it protects the controller from new problems. Although, after that, there's residue all over the interior of the controller.

@Slownenberg: Yeah, you need quite a lot of the stuff to flush the dirt away.

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