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Console pricing in Canada has sucked for over a decade now. We get hosed when it comes to more than just consoles. Deals aren't as regular here either. If you want a big deal, it's going to be one of the typical deal days and that's just about it. Canadians getting more spineless have gone along with it, and so why should retailers offer anything more if they don't have to? Not to mention the retail competition here is quite poor and getting more and more monopolized.
It's getting so bad, that when selling used stuff online, especially anything electronic, I've been receiving very little in the way of bargaining. Almost everyone just pays whatever I'm asking as long as it's not completely ridiculous. The few who do dicker, want the deal of a century and we never come to terms, because I can just wait a few days and I know I will get what I'm asking. My family and friends have noticed the same thing, which is kinda sad. Used PS4 prices, even launch units, is nuts, and they sell fairly quick once they go up, and this was happening well before covid.
PS4 msrp hasn't helped. The fact it's been able to hold it's price and keep selling worthy amounts, has led to MS and Nin following suit. Whether or not they could sell for less isn't the point anymore, it's how much is the public willing to pay for their products. Each console gaming company also going it's own direction has made this even worse, since they aren't all trying to compete directly, they can afford to keep the hardware prices higher than they would be otherwise.