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SvennoJ said:
I've seen that model around, not that particular one though. I'm still waiting for my bike to be ready and still healing. My leg is much better already, I've been swimming every day though had to quit yesterday when my leg cramped up. Today went well, jumped in the pool at dusk with the light on. Not so warm outside anymore, water is still 82F. I scraped off quite a bit of skin so better to avoid the sun while healing up, then lots of sunscreen again. All pink new skin coming out lol.

I need to cut back a bit as well, stop worrying the wife so much when going out for 4 or 5 hours :/ Also not really that much point to push on to the limit so often and hardly be able to get up the stairs in the evening. Addicted to runners high I guess. Feels so good when you get in the rhythm and simply keep on going.

I'm getting to the itch stage from the road rash ugh. And it's still hard to sleep since the worst spots are on the left of my back and right hip and side. My wife send a picture of the damage on my back to her mom, and she thought it was a picture of a rotten potato.

There's a red, black, and white version, maybe more. Swimming is good therapy as long as you don't overdo it. Sounds like you overdid it though. lol. When you get in a good groove it's hard to get out. It almost becomes a rut you're stuck in, just one you don't realize until you're buried too deep. While riding itself is good therapy to clear the mind at times, you gotta be able to clear it fairly quickly or be able to keep it out of your focus. Having your mind out in left field with potential traffic around is just asking for trouble. Itch stage really sucks. At least it sounds like your itches are somewhat hard to get at. It's tougher to ignore when it's oh so easy to scratch. The pool tends to help nicely with the itch problem, though too much time in the water and you overdo it or end up scratching off now loosened scabs. lol. It's a vicious cycle it is.