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Dulfite said:

I love the Switch, as do many tens of millions of gamers. So we all know the Switch 2 is coming (or whatever it will be called). My "dream" for the device is to make it completely upgradable and future proof. And I mean everything.

Instead of a Switch 3 coming out, every year or two they release parts that you can easily screw in and attach after you unscrew the old parts. Instead of buying a new $300+ console every 6 years, you spend $40 in year one on a RAM upgrade, $50 year two on a new chip, $60 year 3 on a new screen, spend money on resolution bumps, on battery, etc. These

are just example prices. The parts could be sold for cheaper than typical because of how many you will sell. Then we can constantly keep our Switch 2 up to date with tech, if we so choose, and know if we can play the latest games because of built in smart benchmarking features that will auto detect all hardware and put a red x or green check by any downloaded or eShop games, letting us know if we can play the game with our current configuration. If you bought physical, less convenient but you can return the game if you find out you can't play. 

Am I crazy or would anyone else love easy to replace parts to keep their device cutting edge to play the most taxing 3rd party games? Be like the N64 ram RAM upgrade but on steroids.


That sounds like a cool idea, if they planned it out in advance from the next base model as you have suggested.