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Not my bike but close enough. I've got black Marzocchi Bomber 4" suspension on the front, slightly different seat, but otherwise the same.

Bought it around the year 2000. Wanted something that could be used for some road but mostly casual mountain biking. Only issue I had was the handlebars. About 2 weeks after purchasing it, I jumped off the edge of the driveway onto the road, and the bars snapped. I didn't get all that much air either. Went over the bars and ate sh*t, I mean pavement. Had some pretty good scrapes on the right side of my face, right shoulder and arm. Got a new set of much stronger bars with my warranty claim and they've been rock solid ever since. Don't ride anywhere near as much as I used to and the bike see's the road much more now than it does the trails. The treks are also much shorter. Don't have the time or energy that I used to, but it is a great way to stay in shape.

Few more pics in the ad I took this from. Brantford by chance. Maybe SvennoJ has seen it around? lol