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Wasn't impressed by the gameplay or graphics and I'm not sure how this will go down as at first the s arkham games had no competition other than Activision churning out Spidey games.

Since then we've had a really good, possibly best Superhero game with Marvels Spidey and we've had a really good game set in the Star wars universe with Jedi Fallen Order.

Ain't got a clue how this will go down. Seems like another arkham game set in darkness, mediocre combat, mediocre character design and animation and a bland looking world.

Looks like Gotham will still be a barely populated world or everyone has been evacuated again for some reason which simply isn't good enough.

I know it's pre-alpha, and things could improve, I don't even know what this demo was running on, but you would think after the Craig fiasco, people would put their best foot forward or show nothing at all if it's that far out.

Luckily, there seems to be more games out there with potential to look forward too, so as disappointed as I am, I think we are good even if this turns to shite.