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SvennoJ said:

It sometimes stutters like crazy just flying straight. I guess it's loading in and generating new data. I can't imagine how this would run from HDD or older SSD. Sometimes it pauses for almost a full second.

@EricHiggin You should recognize this :)

I made it to Port Dover following the trail. The pier is all flat and no lighthouse or anything but still very recognizable.

Waterford on the way back

Simcoe was recognizable as well. Next to Hamilton!

Hamilton will have to wait, almost out of fuel on the way back to Brantford. I made a perfect landing thanks to perfect weather today. (real time weather, looking lovely out today)

Pause is weird, it keeps the plane in place yet still operating / wobbling. I guess since it has multiplayer it won't pause the simulation.

I turned on predator sense for the trip back to Brantford

Less taxing than Forza Horizon 4, but also far less smooth and I have it capped at 30 fps (doubt it will go much over that anyway)

I've set it to 1080p, high settings (disabled AI traffic), i7 8750h, GTX 1060, fast SSD, about 4GB of system ram in use according to task manager. This is all in optimal conditions btw, weather is pretty much perfect atm, small plane, not flying all that fast. Looks great, fun to be flying again!

Missing content still won't download, got to wait I guess.

Yup. Though it would be way cooler if it was during the PD13 biker rally.

Maybe try Long Point? Could you make it all the way across to Erie, PA?

Have you "buzzed the tower" yet Maverick?