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axumblade said:
RolStoppable said:

Already addressed the misunderstanding in my response to Ryuu.

The subsequent question is why there was no need for a second and third head moderator anymore. I won't speculate on it, because you said I shouldn't. Straight-forward question that can be expanded to will we see a return of a second or even third head moderator in the foreseeable future.

Honestly, there has been talk about getting rid of the multiple head mod role for years. Same for the Moderator thread. These ideas worked well until they didn't. 

Multiple head mods doesn't prevent burnout that comes with the title or the weight of the decisions being made.  There was always 1 head mod that was more active than the others that would be the deciding factor on the harsher decisions. CGI does often ask for input before making decisions that will affect the community so in a sense, we all act as deputy head mods (look, this title is going to have to be pried from my cold dead hands). 

As far as the Moderator Thread, it always devolves into exactly what it became yet again. I prefer having an announcement thread to address the community when events happen because not everybody wants to read through pages asking why FlamingWeazel was banned to figure out what news is happening. 

Is that dude still around or did he finally give up?