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Leynos said:
src said:

Excellence is often rewarded even more in society. Seems like your perception simply does not line up with reality.

By an measurable objective metric, ratings post conference, views, likes, consumer sentiment, PS5's event was a slam dunk.

Yeah with a Playstation avatar I'm sure you have no bias. Yes, that's why modern music is so shit yet so popular and why people reward terrible Star Wars films. Awful Transformers films. Why Fartnite is such a hit is it's such an excellent well crafted POS. Why AAAAAAA industry is doing so well despite most AAAAAAAA games being a money-grubbing pile of shit. People follow brands, not quality. Otherwise, FFXV would be a failure. TLOUII would tank for its trash writing and laughable attempt at morality. Why Skyward Sword and Mario Kart Wii sold well or people buying those terrible NSMB games. Why modern WWE gets 2 million people to watch per week even tho it's trash. Why reality shows exist. Why people pay high prices to buy Supreme garbage. People follow brands.

Once again both Sony and MS were

All this tells us is that you're out of touch with reality. Data doesn't lie.