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Coolback said:
DonFerrari said:

And of a game that they are claiming isn't selling well.

Sell over 4M in 3 days, but won't ever pass 8M.

Also not sure how precise that website is since it was 3.3M player count by the time it would have sold over 4M per Sony info.

Ghost of Tsushima similar, Sold 2.4M on the first 3 days but there it is at 1M.

Because when Sony talks about copies sold, they are actually talking about copies distributed, sold in stores and not to players.
And GoT have 1.99M after 3 days.

Distributed 4M, solded 3.3M

Distributed 2.4M, solded 1.99M.

And now you are just flat out lying.

The discrepancy you see between sony sold through and the stat on that site isn't that sony sold means shipped (this should be clear if you look at any of sonys financial reports and their usual sell through media briefs).

Its because not all 4M sold copies went to players that actually were playing with an active "online" connection. The only way sites like those track data is if you actually are online while you played the game. Unless of course you really believe that all 110M+ PS4 owners are playing with an active online connection all the time.

The truth is that sites like that are actually really bad to use and track sold through data. Its kinda obvious if you think about it. That sites track trophies and use the percentage values of the most common trophies to determine how many people actually have the game. A very big hole with that is, what about the home with multiple accounts on the same PS4? They could buy one copy of the game but it would be played by 3 people. And what about those that don't even log in to the internet?

Last edited by Intrinsic - on 10 August 2020