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Coolback said:
DonFerrari said:

Well cool that you think this, because it probably is near that already.

With account's sharing and occasions.

Ok... so in under two months a game has at least sold over 5Munits. And you believe it will never pass 8M total units sold?

You would do well to not allow your biases cloud your judgment. 

When TLOU2 makes the announcement of its 10M sale around this time next year, I hope you would be able to come back here and say you were wrong.

And I don't even get some people...what does "huge price drop" mean? All PS games gets a price drop, thas actually a good thing, yet you make it sound like a bad thing. And you really think sony would make a "PS5" version of a game that you and play on the PS5 by default? At best they just release a free patch for it, as a way to spur sales of the game again. I expect them to do that for a lot of their first-party titles.