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Soundwave said:
curl-6 said:

As a PAL user 2011-2012 weren't too bad for me; I grabbed Skyward Sword, Xenoblade, de Blob 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Rayman Origins in 2011, then The Last Story, Fatal Frame 2, and Pandora's Tower in 2012. 

Could've been better, but a stellar lineup compared to what North America was forced to endure.

Still though, it was clear that Nintendo had moved on and were no longer seriously invested in the Wii after 2010, which was quite dumb to only give one of the most successful consoles ever just 4 years of commitment. They definitely should have planned that better.

It's not bad planning when you actually have games you could have released but chose not to. The Wii had a perfectly fine 2011 lineup, NOA just chose of their own free will not to release a bunch of games. 

That's not bad planning, that's being arrogant because you think you can cruise by on Wii Sports/Just Dance/Wii Fit/NSMB Wii and don't need games like Xenoblade or Fatal Frame or Last Story (all perfectly solid games). Why work and market these types of games when you don't have to. 

The other problem for Nintendo is casual mini-game collections are pretty easy to copy. It's not so easy to make a platformer as good as Mario or an adventure game like Zelda (many companies have tried and failed) or even a Pokemon game ... but a fun mini-game collection is a lot easier to copy. Kinect Sports was fun, much in the same way Wii Sports was. Wii Fit gave a work out, but that was easy to 10 other games to hop on board and also provide a fun workout. 

When XBox and Playstation 3 started basically get those same types of games (Kinect Sports, whatever the Sony Sports Wii Sports knock off was) the Wii became a lot less special. 

That really had more to do I think with the Wii's decline, even though NOA are jerk offs for not releasing Xenoblade, Last Story, Fatal Frame, etc., I doubt even if they had Wii sales would've been magically that different. 

Stuff like PS Move Sports did not significantly hurt Wii sales. It was a matter of software; 2006-2010 had strong software, 2011-2012 didn't.

Nintendo of America is definitely to blame for how horrendously they handled those last two years in the system's biggest market, yes. But even in PAL, while there were some choice picks for a gamer like myself, there still wasn't the kind of software strong enough to drive hardware momentum.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 09 August 2020

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