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DonFerrari said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

I say exactly what i think.

That you spout whatever non-sense you want I know, but still have no idea of the purpose of what you said.

Intrinsic said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

Relax, since he said GoT should have been sold 20 mil which is basically Nintendo level, i'm just curious if Nin games sell 40 mil or even more, will he think Sony games should sell like that too for fairness? 

I still don't understand the point or relevance with regard to this thread.

What is Nintendo level, and what has fairness got to do with anything?

If Nintendo games sell 20M or 40M that's great for them. If hey sell 5M or 10M that's great too. How is it relevant to a thread talking about how a non-Nintendo game will or should sell?

What you are doing is derailing the thread, and how you are going about it is making you come across as a fanboy. Not that there is anything wrong with that (we like what we like), but you are being the bad kinda fanboy. Cause I am sure not a single person here mentioned Nintendo anything before you started with it.

Unless of course, someone saying that a game should or could sell as much as 20M reads to you as NINTENDO. 

I am sure I have been on these forums for over 5 years, and I probably have never posted in a Nintendo/xbox centric thread in all that time. The only times I mention them are in threads where there is a direct comparison between one or the other and usually in relation to the Playstation. Point is, like most here I have my preferences (and usually anyone that claims they don't are lying), but I don't go around being an ass about it in places or areas where it's not warranted. That's the difference between being a good fanboy and a bad unhealthy one.

So please, stop derailing the thread. You are making an argument or case that no one has brought up or is interested in in this thread.

Selling 20mil mean entering Nintendo level, just like when someone said Nintendo games could only be deserve to be GOTY if they spent the same money as Sony. Spending much more money but sometimes worse reception and almost always worse sales, should i say, is this jealousy?


Last edited by HoangNhatAnh - on 09 August 2020