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dx11332sega said:

I'm now 141lbs and it's almost 1 year anniversary of this thread

That's really great! Congrats for your efforts you really worked hard for a whole year but mate, I need to ask what is your height?

1 year ago I was 76kg (167 lbs) and now I'm 56kg (123 lbs) but I'm 185 cm tall (6 feets 1 inch?), so I'm extremely underweight now and developed both body dysmorphia and anorexia. I finally started to eat properly again this week after one and half month of psychological treatment. My nutritionist said I am the patient with the lowest visceral fat rate she has ever seen and she was... really concerned

Please understand that you need to stop some time, you can't keep losing weight forever right? I think you are probably really nice now, your work payoff, please don't compromise it repeating the same errors as me

Edit: Just saw you're 175 cm, so your weight is really good now, no need to worry, just try to no keep losing it

Last edited by IcaroRibeiro - on 08 August 2020