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COKTOE said:


I was a big 360 guy, until I wasn't. Had it for 11 months. 22 physical games, and about a dozen XBLA games. My own troubles with it, the tact Microsoft was employing with the RROD situation, and the looming threat that presented, in addition to the problems I already had, saw me trade it in all in to EB Games. Lustily. Can you trade something in at EB Games lustily? Yes.

I liked the 360 at first, but mine got hit by the E74 error just a couple of weeks after I'd had it for a year. I remember spending an hour on the phone with Microsoft tech support only to get an Indian tech who clearly didn't speak much English outside of his scripts tell me that Microsoft was going to charge me $120 to fix it. This was just after Microsoft agreed to fix RRoD for free, but they were still in deep denial about E74 and it wasn't covered until six months after that.