SidOfBee said:
curl-6 said:
My Wii collection is 45 games, almost all of which I bought at full price, which means I spent around $4000 on it.

45 X $50 = $2250

45 X $60 = $2700

Unless you bought a ton of shovelware, there may be some gems in your collection and maybe one day you can recoup your investment.

Games cost $80-100 AUD new here in the Land Down Under haha

And there is zero shovelware in my collection. Heck, I even got rid of pretty much all the games I bought that I ended up not liking.

The rarest ones I have are probably Project Zero 2 Wii Edition and the black cover version of Pandora's Tower.

I don't want to sell any of them though, I like my collection.

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