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trunkswd said:
Barkley said:

I made a mistake with my numbers by subtracting the Week Ending July 4th from the July 4th number etc. So I was taking an extra week of sales off. These are the current VGC numbers:

Week Ending July 25th = 112.64m
Week Ending July 18th = 112.48m
Week Ending July 11th = 112.29m
Week Ending July 4th = 112.11m
Week Ending June 27th = 111.92m

Which means the difference between VGC sell-through and Shipped for June 30th is probably around 280-300k. So yeah the PS4 is almost certainly overtracked.

I don't think they were. xD

Well at first glance they looked okay to me. I did some minor adjustments. Not quite done yet. It might take a few hours before it shows up on the main site. 

Well regardless it seems there was some confusion, but I suppose it doesn't matter much now that the numbers are getting changed anyways.

But now that we're on the topic I have a suggestion for the site. It might be hard to do with retroactive effect, but it would be pretty neat if the global weekly chart continued after 2018 with only hardware. It seems like the most practical tool for checking LTD as of a specific week. It also has the UK, Germany and France sections which I think you still track individually? But which are hard to find numbers for anywhere on the site (that I know of).

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