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Cobretti2 said:
curl-6 said:

If a person wants to stop an entire class of people from marrying though, I think that at least on some level, they must be averse to that group. Otherwise why even care. 

Religion is a very powerful brainwashing tool. You can't reason with it if they believe that marriage is a religious thing between a man and a woman. This does not mean that they hate gay people but rather truly believe by God's word it cannot happen.

Some countries have child marriage for example, which technically is a class of people as it is embedded in their culture. Would you argue to allow that in a modern civilized world as you are excluding? Sadly it is a fairly complex issue and the morality of it depends on how a country sees it as what is bad and what is good and religion has a part to play in that too.

In reality marriage is an outdated concept that shouldn't be tied to Law/Politics and what should really matter is the legal rights that people have when they choose to live together as a couple. When I got married I didn't feel like I suddenly had all these extra perks, neither dd my wife (perhaps we been together so long it didn't feel different). In reality it is more a celebration of love than anything else these days as many women are now fully self sufficient and employed.

In the past marriage felt more like a woman signing a contract to a man as the woman would be under a man's protection as he was the one that worked and the woman would stay home raising the man's offspring. Go back further in time and it was a way to join powerful families together lol.

PS - It is almost 3am so apologises if I went on a side rant here

Religiously motivated aversion/discrimination is still aversion/discrimination.

And child marriage is not remotely analogous; same sex couples getting married are adults whose brains have developed to the point of them being capable of informed consent.

Also, just for once, it'd be nice to be able to talk about same sex marriage without it being compared to everything from child marriage to pedophilia to bestiality. Besides being specious, it's also quite disrespectful.

I do actually agree that marriage itself is a somewhat outdated concept, but as long as it's a thing, same sex couples deserve the same civil rights.

I guess this is a good example of an issue that would be a dealbreaker for me, if a partner supported discrimination against same sex couples.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 03 August 2020

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