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Darwinianevolution said:
DonFerrari said:

If Nintendo had supported Wii even longer then WiiU would have even less games ready.

Nintendo only took Wii out of the market when it was barely selling anymore, but SW support they removed long earlier and that is a possible cause for the sales of HW to plummet so hard.

They didn't need to support it at 100% of their dev power. Just enough to justify it being around. Hell, they were swimming in buckets of money back then, they could have paid other studios to keep quality Wii games coming, or just open more studios and let them experiment with the Wii, it's not like they needed to make the system sell at this point.

Opening a new studio is probably the most expensive option for a publisher to do.  Especially since you are proposing that these new studios become experts in a soon to be obsolete console.

As for the topic in general, I don't know.  It is hard to say.  The fundamental issue is that Nintendo just can't support so many consoles at once.  You had the 3DS launch in 2011, Wii U launch in 2012, plus trying to support the Wii up through 2012.  They were basically trying to support 3 consoles at once.  I guess 4 if you count the end of the DS lifecycle (Nintendo published games up through early 2012).

I just hope with the single piece of hardware, generational transitions go more smoothly for Nintendo.

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