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DonFerrari said:
curl-6 said:

If a person wants to stop an entire class of people from marrying though, I think that at least on some level, they must be averse to that group. Otherwise why even care. 

Sure it is a reasonable rationale, but again even some gay folks think that way. Your line of thinking would also make most of the minority movements biggots themselves because the care a lot and usually are very anti the people on the majorities that their groups are considered minority (a very big portion of notorious and outspoken feminists are very misandric, a lot of black minority leaders give a lot of anti-white speach, leaders of gays right movements put a lot of attack against religion and religious group, etc). I would guess a lot of times a portion of those against gay marriage isn't because of the act in itself (which as I said others against would just be because of "santity" of marriage), but because of wrong belief against what the leadership of those movements align with so they don't want to give away an inch. And finally, someone being right wing or republican, doesn't mean it is a caricature or even oppose gay marriage. For example what do you think about demanding that churches celebrate the gay marriage?

Gay people can be homophobic; there's such a thing as internalized prejudice and self-hate. And I can't claim to speak for any minority group except those I'm a member of myself.

I've also clearly said in previous posts that not all conservatives are homophobic, I personally know many who are not. As far as churches and same sex marriages, that's not really a big issue where I live; since same sex marriage was legalized here by popular vote in 2017, we've just kind of gotten on with it and it's hardly even spoken about any more.

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