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Honestly, I've never met a lesbian or a bi woman who was a hard-headed social conservative or a Trump supporter before, so the OP's inquiry is a totally hypothetical one for me. Never met an (out) lesbian or bi woman who opposed gay rights or considered herself an anti-feminist either, shockingly.

That said, my community voted 81% for Trump in 2016 and people all kinda know each other a little here, so I mean living here, you learn to get along with people like that and that they are, in fact, human beings. (Well...most of them anyway.) Thus, hypothetically yeah, I can imagine dating someone who was like that. As long as they're not super pushy to the point of like insisting that I should agree with them on immigration policy or Brett Kavanaugh because that's not going to happen. I do have experience dating women who were like libertarians and against gun control and that sort of thing and those things haven't proven to be a real problem. I'm not one of those people for whom opinion on tax policy is a dividing line issue.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 01 August 2020