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Xbox 360 started strong and finished weak as Microsoft started really focusing on Kinect, but I think them moneyhatting Japanese exclusives did far more harm than good. I enjoyed Live for awhile. The RRoD and E74 didn't exactly endear the 360 to me either. Favorite exclusive on 360 was Tales of Vesperia, I did play games like Halo 3, DoA4, Soulcalibur IV and Virtua Fighter 5 Online as well. Once the Japanese games started really showing up on PS3 and Wii, I didn't really have a reason to bother with 360.

Wii started strong, for its first couple of years, had a weak couple of years, then finished pretty strong with Skyward Sword and the OpRainfall titles, especially Xenoblade. but That said, I consider SS the weakest 3-D Zelda and the DS Zeldas the weakest 2-D Zeldas. Motion controls were fun but sometimes felt unnecessarily shoehorned. Punch-Out!! was a surprisingly addictive game and I wish they'd bring it to Switch.

PS3 started very weak and ended incredibly strong with Sony's first party and Japanese games really starting to show up on the system. Valkyria Chronicles and Ni no Kuni were my favorite games of both the PS3 and the generation as a whole. I also started buying multiples like Fallout and Bioshock Infinite on PS3 once I switched over. Fat Princess was a fun, addictive online multiplayer team brawler/action RTS.

7th gen was my least favorite console generation. I felt that some years were downright dry for all three systems. I'd have to say the PS3 wins it overall, almost entirely because of its last couple of years as Sony's main console and Valkyria Chronicles being my favorite of the generation. 

Last edited by SanAndreasX - on 01 August 2020