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IcaroRibeiro said:


My Island is called Laugh Tale

There is a secret path to the orchard, just go to the right of the campsite, behind my home you will find a path. It's the only way to be there without a ladder

Secret lab though, you can go trough it without the ladder sorry :/

Very nice island you have, I can tell you put a lot of care into making it.  I particularly like your Zen Garden and Imperial Buffet.  I have taken a few notes for ideas to apply to my own island as I expand my catalog.

One thing I would like to note about my island is regarding Leene Square, which is currently wedding themed.  That is an area of celebration and changes based on what the most recent event is.  It was Easter themed before, and it looks like next month I will be making it firework themed.  I figured I could have more fun with the season events if I dedicate a spot to them, and the area Leene Square would be seemed like the perfect fit.

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