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Otter said:
curl-6 said:

Not necessarily; a port of World would probably look and run very badly on Switch anyway.

Since 2005, Monster Hunter has had a portable line and a console line running side by side, stopping that now with the Switch's massive success would be incredibly foolish. World 2 for PS5/XSX is almost certainly already in production by the World team, but there's nothing stopping the portable team from whipping together a post-World portable MH for Switch, which could then be ported to PS5/XSX as a "4K/Deluxe" edition. Everybody wins.

This was supported by wildly cheaper specs and production values though. Capcom was able to essentially keep production costs at PS2 levels for another decade. I think a Switch exclusive entry would be a pretty ambitious endeavour even though its portable, which I imagine would make them favour just porting World which is definitely possible. Although maybe more likely is that they will produce somewhat of a remix, using many assets from world but smaller, bitsized areas with new and original content. 

Capcom have repeatedly ruled out a port of World, (they get asked at just about every investor meeting) but I think you're onto something; a remix of sorts using repurposed World assets would actually be the best solution. That said, when it comes to the Switch they seem to have an irrational aversion to supporting it properly.