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Otter said:
A monster Hunter on Switch would just be a port though. Although whatever happens I think they will continue developing with Playstation/Xbox in mind since its given them the best selling Monster Hunter game of all time. Switch 2 will definitely have it at least.,,

Not necessarily; a port of World would probably look and run very badly on Switch anyway.

Since 2005, Monster Hunter has had a portable line and a console line running side by side, stopping that now with the Switch's massive success would be incredibly foolish. World 2 for PS5/XSX is almost certainly already in production by the World team, but there's nothing stopping the portable team from whipping together a post-World portable MH for Switch, which could then be ported to PS5/XSX as a "4K/Deluxe" edition. Everybody wins.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 31 July 2020