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With the recent update to ACNH, we now have the ability to visit eachother's islands at all times without the need for the other person to be online.  I think it would be a great idea to share and archive your dream address here so the VGC community can explore our various settlements together as we continue to expand our ideas.

My code is DA-1078-9916-3261 for anyone that might want to visit my island, Guardia.

I look forward to exploring everyone's creations and seeing how we all progress overtime.  Share your dream address and let the adventures begin!

(To the mods, I tried to create this thread two other times today, but it seemed to have glitched as they are broken and just redirect to the VGC homepage.  Please delete the other two glitched threads, as it seems to have worked this time around.)

Last edited by Shiken - on 30 July 2020

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-5643-2927-1984

Animal Crossing NH Dream Address: DA-1078-9916-3261