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While I'm very happy with my PS4 Pro and the many great games that Sony has published and developed during this generation, I am starting to feel like they're gotten complacent in some ways. Not countering Gamepass and possibly XCloud are the most obvious. These are undeniably good offerings (Gamepass for sure, XCloud in theory) from XB that Sony hasn't even tried to compete with. The reality is that for most people, there's more value to be found in the XB ecosystem right now. Sony certainly has the best first party lineup, by a mile. Their VR offering is solid. But, those things have been the case for several years now. They've not done anything new. Their subscription service is not even in the same ballpark as GP, and they don't seem to have any interest in the play anywhere-type streaming. And that would be fine, if they were offering something else to excite me. But, they just don't seem to be doing anything new.

I think the best scenario for everyone is that XB is more competitive with Sony this gen, and that GP and XC are big successes. That'll push Sony forward, just as Sony's success has pushed XB forward over the last few years.