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The worlds needs another 2d Mario, badly. I bought both Mario Maker 2 and NSMBU Deluxe on a sale at GameStop for 40 bucks each, a week or so ago. Let me tell, I don’t understand all the hype behind Maio Maker at all, what a boring ass game. I decided to play it first because of all the hype and, Oh man I could not be more disappointed. The so called campaign mode is just a bunch of uninspired and dull levels and even frustrating at times. I tried some levels online too and I hardly ever came across anything fresh and exciting. A Mario level editor is definitely no substitute for a real 2d Mario adventure. I will sell my copy of Mario Maker 2. Thank God I didn’t pay full price for this.

On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by NSMBU Deluxe. Of course the game is way too similar to the Wii game for my liking, but it is a superior version of that game. It is not the 2d Mario game of my dreams, but as a fan I could say that NSMBU Deluxe is at the very least serviceable. I feel like these 40 bucks were well spent. NSMBU Deluxe will almost certainly cross the 10 million mark.

Anyway, thanks for this thread. And yeah, We’re way overdue for a fresh 2d Mario adventure.

Last edited by Valdney - on 25 July 2020