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Paper Mario: Total War

There is peace in the world, until mysterious X-Naughts appear around Rogueport with the intent to capture the city and unleash an ancient demon upon the world, plunging it into chaos. Conquering like the barbarian horde they are, they set their eyes on all lands and realms of existence. With over 36 playable factions, including:

The Mushroom Kingdom
The Legion of Boo
Gloam Valley
Outer Space
Land of the Cragnons
Scammer's Kingdom
Bowserian Empire
Goomba Village (vassal of Bowserian Empire)
Toad Village (vassal of The Murhsoom Kingdom)
Dry Dry Desert Horde
Flower Fields
Gusty Gulch
Lavalava Island
Shiver City
Shy Guy's Toy Box
Star Haven
Starborn Valley
Tubba Blubba's Castle
Windy Mill
Yoshi's Village
Boggly Woods
Fahr Outpost
Hooktail's Castle
Keelhaul Key
Poshley's Heights
The Sewer Savages
Twilight Town
The Satropy of Stickers
The Colony of Color
The Oligarchy of Oragami

Which nation will you choose and which path to salvation? Will you defend the Thousand Year Door from the onslaught of X-Naughts? Perhaps you will be the one unleashing the demon upon the world, hoping you can use her to conquer. Will you seek the Star Rod with the goal of obtaining ultimate power to ensure peace forevermore, or use it to vanquish and subjucate all your enemies and marry the woman of your dream? Or will you use the Light or Dark prognosticus to conquer all the realms of existance? Maybe you will select a nation that seeks the royal stickers and the power that they wield? Maybe you will seek after the black paint corruption to obtain power, at the cost of losing your sanity? Or maybe you will seek the power of folding, to recreate insubordinates into mindless subordinates for your slave army?

The choice is yours. Will you destroy or will you save? This is TOTAL WAR!