ArchangelMadzz said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

From what I've heard is that GDDR6 was in very high demand but also very low supply, which raised the priced up a lot in 2019 and kept the prices for graphics cards high. I'm sure this problem is (mostly) gone next GPU gen, and prices can thus easily go lower this time around.

I looked at the prices recently and the 2070 super still costs basically as much as it did when I bought it which I was surprised to find. But if the new cards are much better and lower priced the price for this is going to tank hardd. 

People are selling it on ebay for even more than that, most likely flippers wanting to get the new cards. I'd sell mine but I don't have a spare high level gaming GPU just lying around to use in the meantime cause who does

2070 Super is not going down in price until the 3070 is available. Nothing really strange about that.