Captain_Yuri said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

The thread is mainly about price, the 5700xt equivalent of RDNA2 willl most likely be the same price or slightly more (maybe slightly less)

Except we don't know anything about the pricing or performance... We have seen GPU generations get significant performance gains in the past while the price getting increased slightly but we have also seen shitty performance while price getting increased significantly... There's no way to tell until it releases...

I'm in full agreement. 

I'm just saying it's just more likely that the XSX equivalent desktop GPU's will be around a similar price to the equivalent GPU's in the RDNA1 lineup. Ie 6700XT launch price = 5700XT launch price. Sure it can cost £100 or £1000. But in terms of likeliness it'll be similar price points.

New Nvidia 3000 cards will probably cost more than the 2000 series though. 

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