We've all been very curious about the next gen Pricing on these consoles. But as with previous generations you would think you could build a similarly spec PC for similar or a little more price with better performance and expandability.. but I'm not necessarily sure that you can really do that this time around..

Whilst we do not know the price we do know the specs of the 2 machines.

So using modern components (bare in mind I'm using RNDA GPU's and not RNDA2 GPU's cause they don't exist yet but they will be priced similar most likely so that doesn't really matter for the time being) 

So the PS5 spec build is £1129.52

The XSX build is £1041.94

(The PS5 build is more expensive due to having to have a more modern chipset for the PCI 4.0 support for the SSD, the increase cost of those 2 components is more than the increased cost of the faster GPU) 

Bare in mind I would not recommend either of these builds to anyone. The PSU is the cheapest I could find and I would never put that in any build, the CPU cooler is also cheap as chips and really should be better. Also the motherboard I chose for the XSX would need updating and is just a waste of money to actually purchase.

The consoles share 16GB of system memory with the GPU, so arguably I could've used 8GB of ram sticks but that just isn't really enough for a PC to play modern games for the next generation. 

Basically I cut costs wherever I could to keep the price down and they are still twice the expected price of these consoles. So it looks like it will be a while before we have competitively priced 'console killers' as anything with similar performance will be much more expensive, and I haven't included the cost of a decent gaming mouse and keyboard. 

A PC build I would actually recommend to compete with consoles would be £1341.58

Looks like this time around the PCMR will have to accept that the audience that these consoles aim for is a very legitimate space that PC builds just can't compete with without major price cuts of major components.

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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