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I must say that I really want a more powerful dock, so I can play PS4 and XONE games in future years without buying a PS5 or XSX

I don't really care that much to play high-end games in portable mode. I had DS and 3DS to play games designed for portable experience. Portable mode for me is to play more casual games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, or maybe other RPGs, os maybe even indie games. For most of AAA games, action-adventure games, etc I'm more than comfortable to only having a more powerful dock

That's said, if they can make my Switch mirror it's screen to a TV device trough network connection (I'm don't see how bypass wifi, Switch cloud wtf??) WITHOUT compromise the advance of dock power, then it would be awesome. It's very very unlikely though to have something as powerful as a PS4 (even if it's the standard PS4) only in a portable Switch.

If they manage to have a dock-free mirrored Switch it will have a very slight/negligible increase of hardware power from current Switch. It's going to be another GC-Wii "evolution"

And I hate Wii, so I'm going back to Sony