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DPsx7 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

And something constructive:Take a more neutral stance,when you talk about one product being better over the other cause you need to make sure to not upset a mob of fanboys,try to compliment the xboxone a bit more often on the things it does good or better inbetween. (cause once some commenters start to haunt your commentsection you might be stuck with them for a while)

And only give attention to positivity in commentsection or do not try engage in arguments.

This would be great if it weren't for the amount of insane people these days. You can't say anything without offending someone. What they want is attention so I say offend them until they're sick of it (or you grow bored). Done right he might stand out of the crowd of average reviewers.

If I were more social I'd try doing this. Well maybe more along the lines of streaming as I play since I go with a lot of lesser known games.

Yeah i grew a bit disgusted with all the drama channels that keep nitpicking small things other streamers do or laugh at someone that is dealing with mental trouble.

People use those vids as fuel to think that the person they dislike is the greatest evil on the world and some are really out to destroy someone because they think that is justice.

Bolded: You can offend them when you are overly popular in a positive way like filthy frank did a long time ago but if it has become popular to dislike you then you breed people that are out to hurt you and not only with words.