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Are you promoting your own video ,because this thread is as old as that vid and you got his avatar? :p

Bit of positive feedback: You got a good understandable voice and seem to do well with the placement of your wording,this is a voice that can get popular more easy compared to others.

And something constructive:Take a more neutral stance,when you talk about one product being better over the other cause you need to make sure to not upset a mob of fanboys,try to compliment the xboxone a bit more often on the things it does good or better inbetween. (cause once some commenters start to haunt your commentsection you might be stuck with them for a while)

And only give attention to positivity in commentsection or do not try engage in arguments.

Edit: Yeah it's you,good luck with the content i would say.

Last edited by Immersiveunreality - on 19 July 2020