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John2290 said:
Immersiveunreality said:
I noticed a recurring theme of western journalists bringing up historically inaccurate as a negative while the japanese seemingly are praising it for the depiction of that era and referrences to the old movies.
Historically inaccurate is a strange negative when it is done with respect.

Huh, wokeness strikes again. Here i am scratching my head again wondering why this games score is so disconnected from what I'm experiencing, just like the last of us in the opposite direction. I mean, 8 is a "great" score in my book but these days scores range from only 5 to 10 if even that, 5 being terrible so 8.3 is like a 6 or so on my scale where 5 is average/mediocre. This game is not a 6, it's at least a 9 from what I've played so far and maybe a 10 if the skills can help alleviate the camera fuckery but we'll see when the credits roll.

Are you playing it? 

Waiting for the PS5 to play it but i'm almost sure i will enjoy it.

Also a good reason for me to not buy the next generic assasins creed,one of those each gen is enough for me.Playing assasins creed is like eating bland food but buckets,at first it is pretty good because you got hunger but as you go on it begins to feel like a boring chore.