Shaunodon said:
Louie said:

You continue to claim this while still totally missing the context of Nintendo's answer. In the answer to this question Nintendo once again (once again! They constantly say this) said the Switch 2 is still a long ways off and the Switch will have a longer than usual lifecycle. I said the exact same thing in the other thread (you know.. the one that made you wary of the discussions because people disagreed with you by giving you facts) where you basically glossed over it with a wishy-washy answer. 

Nintendo: "The Switch 2 is nowhere near and we are totally focused on Switch 1. Don't expect a Switch 2 anytime soon."

You: "Nintendo talked about the Switch 2! Expecting the Switch to have a long shelf-life is unrealistic! The successor will come soon!"

Edit: And just to clarify, people are annoyed by this because we've had this very same discussion for months and years now. Nintendo constantly reiterates that the Switch 2 is still far off and the Switch 1 will have a longer than usual life, but people still keep saying the Switch will be replaced rather soon.

Maybe if they say it enough times they can speak it into existence.

They will eventually be right though..... just not in 2020/2021/2022/2023