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0D0 said:
Al Gore said in 2008 that in 10 years the ice polar cap would be gone. It's 2020 and it's still there.

Among them, according to a Guardian article, Britain would have a Siberian climate in 2020. Other article stated that the Artic would be ice-less by 2018. All stupid predictions.

Al Gore is a politician, not a climate scientist. The Guardian is a media outlet, not a scientific one. Both politicians and the media often have trouble accurately representing scientific consensus. As such, it is advised to handle with care when reading interpretations of the science by second hand, non-scientific sources, and further is is generally ill advised to use these second hand interpretations as evidence of flaws in the science.

Additionally, climate science is a fairly large field. There will always be individuals making fringe opinions that are contradicted by a large body of evidence. While "a New Ice Age" was all the rage in the media back in the '70s, even back in the early days of this type of science, a warming trend was by far the more common prediction: