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VAMatt said:
It looks to me like a lot of you don't even understand how your own tax systems works.

Let's take a video game. In the US, the only tax paid at any point from the time that game starts development to the time it reaches the consumer is the retail sale to that consumer. In much of Europe, the raw materials to make the case are taxed when sold to the manufacturer. The raw materials for the disk are taxed when sold to that manufacturer. The stuff is assemble and that item is taxed when sold to the distributor. Then it is taxed again when sold to the retailer. Taxed a final time when sold to the consumer. Tax is being paid all over the place. And, no, it is not spelled out on the receipt. A whole bunch of that is hidden.

You clearly don't know how the tax system works.

Those companies have to pay the tax but as soon as they sell it, they get the tax back from the local authorities.

At the end of the day only the last person/company that bought the goods is paying the tax, no one else. Thus, nothing of that is hidden.